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PF3 Web Display - Release 2.4.0 (Feb 2024)

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Post subject: PF3 Web Display - Release 2.4.0 (Feb 2024)
Posted: Wed Feb 21, 2024 4:01 pm
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The attached file is the latest release of PF3 Web Display (2.4.0).
It is expected to be included with the next full PF3 update; it is provided here for users who require the new functionality sooner.

This release supports the optional display of AI Traffic requests, and includes updated documentation to assist with support.
Please read the updated Web Display documentation for details of the latest features, and the new section covering troubleshooting tips.

To install this release please unzip the files into your current PF3_WEB_Display folder; it will not overwrite any customised .ini file.

Please report any problems in this forum, as usual.

(PF3 Web Display developer)

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