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Couple of questions/issues


If you are reporting an issue with PF3 please remember to Zip and attach the Debug_Monitor.log file from your PF3\Logs folder. Thank you.

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Post subject: Couple of questions/issues
Posted: Sat Apr 10, 2021 5:48 pm
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Hi Dave

I've just invested in PF3 after trying the demo for a couple of weeks. I've got a few things to report from my first short VFR flight from EGHI-EGKA using the licenced version. I guess some of it might be 'user error' but some is a little confusing.

1. At EGHI, I received taxi instructions to runway 2 but the TGS gauge didn't activate and I do have it selected in the options. I made my own way to the runway and that was OK but not sure why the gauge didn't activate.
2. Towards the end of the short flight I was handed off to Approach and after a short while got the 'descend and report airport in sight' message but when I pressed the 'Roger' key, my response was 'Roger, line up and wait resume own navigation'. I tried again and this time it was 'Roger, line up and wait'.
3. On landing, having previously been advised to tune to the Tower on 123.15, I was (again) told to tune to the same Tower frequency when I exited the runway. I was already tuned to the Tower frequency and there were no options to receive taxi instructions so I just taxi'd to parking without any further interaction with anyone.

I've attached the log file.



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