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If you are reporting an issue with PF3 please remember to Zip and attach the Debug_Monitor.log file from your PF3\Logs folder. Thank you.

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Post subject: Position Reports
Posted: Mon Mar 29, 2021 10:36 pm
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Don't know if anyone has addressed this before but here goes.. I am wondering if there is a way to change the position reports of pilots now that we have gotten rid of the XXX :D

Let's say the flight plan for KLM777 is 61N030W - 58N040W - 55N050W - CUDDY

Now the reports are as follows

Position 61N30W FL370 M.77 Groundspeed 500, 60N29W next.

Correct reporting would be callsign, current position, time (Z not needed), FL, next waypoint with estimated time overhead, waypoint after that

Pilot. KLM777 Position 61N030W at 1702 FL370 estimating 58N040W at 1748, 55N050W next.
ATC. KLM777 Roger, 61N030W at 1702 FL370, 58N040W at 1748, 55N050W next, report 58N040W this frequency (or give the next frequency)
Pilot. Readback correct, 58N040W this frequency KLM777

Just a suggestion, don't know how difficult it would be to program ;)

All the best,

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