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Flight plan re-file after resume?


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Post subject: Flight plan re-file after resume?
Posted: Tue May 25, 2021 9:55 pm
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Sometimes when I resume an IFR flight I am assigned 122.20Mhz (FSS) and am requested to re-file flight plan. The flight plan is actually still active but for some reason PF3 doesn't assign the previously used control frequency. This is a small problem because all I need to do is to enter the proper frequency (which I save along with the flight plan in P3Dv4.5). It's just kind of weird that it initially assigns me the FSS freq on an IFR flight that I'm simply resuming after having previously saved it.

That's actually the only thing so far that I've found. Otherwise everything is good. (Haven't done any Oceanic flights yet after having re-installed P3Dv4.5.


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