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PF3 Accessibility fixes


If you are reporting an issue with PF3 please remember to Zip and attach the Debug_Monitor.log file from your PF3\Logs folder. Thank you.

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Post subject: PF3 Accessibility fixes
Posted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 5:27 pm
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Joined: Thu Mar 16, 2017 9:13 pm
Hello Dave and all,

Is it possible if you can add accessibility fixes to the PF3 interface for screen reader users?

The biggest issues are the settings dialogs, options 1 and 2. A lot of the elements when tabbing through the dialog do not focus properly, and a lot of the edit areas are unlabeled. Since PF3 is a standard Windows application I don't think this should be too hard to implement... I could understand if the app was filled with custom controls and such.

The SIDs/STAR dialog is also a pain to navigate as well as making custom entry/exit for oceanic plans. Options 2 is less priority because for now, I just change those options directly in the ini, however doing that with selecting airlines and voices isn't so easy.

I'd appreciate this as well as a number of blind PF3 users.

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