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Which files does PF3 read during a database update?


If you are reporting an issue with PF3 please remember to Zip and attach the Debug_Monitor.log file from your PF3\Logs folder. Thank you.

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Post subject: Which files does PF3 read during a database update?
Posted: Wed Feb 19, 2020 10:16 pm
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Something has gone wrong this week. After running PF3 update (for XP11 - always worked fine till the past few days), I get incorrect runway information when I go to the PF3 SIDs/STARs page. At Heathrow for instance, only 09L/R show - nothing for 27L/R at all. The small airport NZMF has runways 11/29, but after updating, PF3 only has Rwy10 (?). It was OK last week.. Something 'broke'!

I deleted the data folder and pasted one from backup, and the correct runways are restored. But if I update PF3 - then I am back to square one.

What files is PF3 reading during an update, in order to create its dat files? All the input files that I can open, runways.csv, runway.txt, runways.xml and so on, show the correct runways. I cannot find any file, for instance, that has NZMF showing a 'runway 10'... If I knew all the files that PF3 reads to gather runway information, I might find the culprit, but at the moment I am baffled as to where all this odd data is coming from. Clearly PF3 isn't inventing it itself!

Many thanks for any help.


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