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Can my flight be checked please...
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Author:  Abcdeflijus [ Thu Nov 26, 2020 10:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Can my flight be checked please...

Hello PF3 team,

Kindly asking you to check my flight, please. Here is the situation:
Short regional flight from EFMA to EFTU. Departure was very smooth, so as approach. But just on short final an aircraft taxi in to position for take off (not the first time and it is a little annoying). This time I did not hesitated to press key 9 for go around. Unfortunately this was not instructed to do by the tower.
Climbing 3000, contacting approach. And here was a little bit lack of information from ATC (not rejecting possibility, that it was also my mistake). No vectoring or any other instructions provided. So I just turned around and approached by the STAR again. Never handed over to tower on finals. Connected manually. Permission to continue, but never heard clearance for landing even when runway was empty and close enough.
Would like to understand what went wrong on "Go around" and know how to behave in the future, as it happens quite often, when approach is destroyed by AI.
Attached debug zip.

Thanks in advance!

debug_monitor.zip [317.98 KiB]
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