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A few questions
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Author:  Orinks [ Wed Oct 24, 2018 1:39 am ]
Post subject:  A few questions

Hi all,

First off, getting back into PF3 again, and use a variety of addons other than PF3.

One of which is the now totally free FSX Pilot to help out with landing. Unfortunately, PF3, when I try to press Alt A in the P3D window to bring up its overlay, every time I'm trying to type in a command, when a controller from PF3, or AI sends a message/whenever PF3 sends any ATC message, the simulator immediately comes back into focus and immediately makes the FSX Pilot overlay window disappear and I have to press alt-A again to bring it back.

I was doing a long haul to the UK and on approach, when I was trying to enter vectors, this was pretty frustrating. My question is, does the focus always have to be in the simulator for PF3 to do its thing? I first thought it was Multi Crew Experience doing this, but when I was just running PF3 and FSX pilot it did it. I know its PF3 because default ATC does not do it.

Also, since I'm mostly flying sids nowadays, where is that sid/star checkbox to turn it on per plan? That sid/stars page is an accessibility nightmare for screen readers. I'm going to try and turn it on in the hopes that I can fly the sid/star without defining them.

Also, on a side note, I was doing a crossatlantic flight over to the UK with that new extended feature, and did not hear British voices on the other side of the ocean. Sounded like it was using US voices still...

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