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VFR flight
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Author:  ThomasAH [ Fri Jan 11, 2019 1:18 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: VFR flight

Thanks for your responses Thomas, and very detailed !
However, you didn't comment on the lack of any reference to QFE in PF3 !?
This is certainly standard in the UK when receiving landing instructions , and also often included in ATiS recording , along with QNH..
Same reason:
- The text "QFE" is not recorded in the voice files (see captions.ini in the PF3 directory for the existing vocabulary), and as far as I know it is only used in the UK, and the company originally doing the recordings is US based. But as Dave lives in the UK, he may actually be interested in adding this feature :)
- An old bug report in the internal forum is 'ATIS says "Altimeter" instead of "QNH"', but this would need to be recorded for the ATIS voices (it is only recorded for the pilot/copilot voices). Currently it says Altimeter, but gives the correct QNH. And "hectopascal" is missing, too, though maybe this could be cut&pasted from the audio files of "Hector", "Pashkovskiy" or "El Paso", and "Kalamazoo Battle Creek" :)

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