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Weird Handoff?
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Author:  voju24 [ Tue Aug 09, 2016 7:14 pm ]
Post subject:  Weird Handoff?

I was trying to fly IFR from an uncontrolled airfield to another uncontrolled airfield.
First, a side question about the IFR clearance:
What is the recommended way to get the clearance? I would kind of like a way to get it on the ground but it seems I need to take off and then contact center to get the clearance.

Then my main concern is when I was cleared to final, I was assigned VFR 1200 Squawk and then it gave me also the wrong frequency I think (approach again instead of Unicom.)
Then I changed my Squawk to 1200 and it complained, that my Squawk was incorrect.
Should I have waited with the vfr Squawk until I was properly aligned with final?
Also, interestingly, doing a request for cleared to final afterwards seemed to solve the problem and it even gave me the right Unicom frequency instead of approach again.
( As a side info I'm using VCP mode 0, so I hope it's not just some acknowledgement I missed. At some points I tried acknowledging multiple times, cause I wasn't sure if it actually acknowledged the correct transmission.)

I attach my Logs and FPP folder for the flight.

File comment: Flight Plan and logs
LogsANDFPP.zip [201.89 KiB]
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