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 Post subject: Proflight 2.11
PostPosted: Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:51 pm 

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Hi Dave,

I have been flying around with Proflight and would like to say that 2.11.1 is an awesome build. Thank you very much for updating the vector departure initial clearance altitude constraints and adding variations in the vector departure heading assignment. I have picked up a few more things during my flights that you could look at for 2.13.

In some countries when you contact clearance delivery you'd also give them your aircraft type and destination airport (not sure i heard this in proflight), maybe you could add some variation here and have proflight randomly add in the users aircraft type and destination airport in the initial contact with CD. Maybe a box could be placed in the Option 1 menu near the flight number section so that the user can put in his aircraft type. You could also have the pilot call only the airports that are actually in proflight's voice sets, e.g. kennedy. So for example a call could be like: "CD hello Lufthansa cargo 8170 heavy MD-11 with M ready to copy clearance to Kenndy". I'll make sure i pay more attention here see if proflight already does this hahe.

When you are doing a vector departure in proflight, you are immediately vectored to intercept the flight track between your departure airport and first checkpoint. Thats okay but if your first checkpoint is behind you on departure proflight will generally vector you directly over top of the airport and sometimes even tell you to take the long way around to the correct heading E.g. Proflight gave you a heading of 070 for departure and tells you to turn right to a heading of 270 (the long way around), this happens on approach vectoring too sometimes. Basically what i'd like to see here is rather than proflight always vectoring you to intercept the flight track, i'd like to see them vector you to a heading that points you directly to the first waypoint (without intercepting the proper track first) and then have proflight say something like proceed direct such and such and then as filed. Also some variations could be added to simulate busy airspace.

On a few of my flights after i climbed above the Transition altitude my pilot made a call saying that he was climbing to such and such altitude on the local altimeter setting. Once we get over the TA my pilot shouldn't make any reference to the altimeter setting he's using. Note this doesn't happen on every call over the TA just maybe the first call.

During cruise i needed to deviate from my assigned flight plan due to weather at which point i realized that there is no way of requesting a deviation Left or right due to weather. I was thinking about it and maybe we could do the same deal as with requesting higher and lower altitudes. we could add a key to deviate left and right and then pressing 1 to 0 tells you how many miles you'd like to deviate of course. E.g. Center Lufthansa 8170 Heavy would like to deviate 5 miles left due to weather.

Still have some spotty vectoring in the terminal area where ATC tries to vector you in the wrong direction (aka: the long way around to a waypoint).



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